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""If at this late date any television network had of its own accord showed that much video tape and that much graphic video tape of 911, and I speak as somebody who lost a few friends there, it, we, would be rightly eviscerated at all quarters perhaps by the Republican party itself for exploiting the memories of the dead and perhaps even for trying to evoke that pain again. If you reacted to that video tape the way I did, I apologize. It is a subject of great pain for many of us still and was probably not appropriate to be shown.""

- Keith Olbermann on MSNBC at the Republican National Convention, reacting after a 9/11 "tribute" clip was shown.

... if you want to skip the part where the RNC exploits 9/11 for political gain, Keith comes in at about 2:53.

Date: 2008-09-05 02:08 am (UTC)
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Wowww. Wow. If a news anchor actually feels the need for a disclaimer, you know something is seriously in poor taste.

Date: 2008-09-05 02:13 am (UTC)
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Holy Mother of God. I am sickened. This needs to be shown to everyone evening THINKING about voting for these creeps.

And Keith just strengthens my love for him. Well played.
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Date: 2008-09-05 01:26 pm (UTC)
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I didn't see it for myself, but apparently one of Guiliani's criticisms of Obama's speech was that he never mentioned 9/11. Um, that's because it was seven years ago. That's why your bid for president failed, because you needed to talk about more than 9/11. We haven't had another terrorist attack since -- although from what I can tell, we're not really all that much safer. Bush squandered the support and sympathy that we garnered from around the world after 9/11.

This reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Lois gave a speech during her run for mayor that ended up consisting almost solely of saying "9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11..."

I love Keith Olbermann.


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