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... Isaac Hayes, dead at 65. I still get down to the theme from "Shaft". That Isaac Hayes was a baaaaad mother-shut your mouth.

... Bernie Mac, dead at 50. Do yourself a favor, get a hold of the DVD "The Original Kings of Comedy". Bernie Mac brought the funny.

... Wrestling legend "Killer" Kowalski suffers massive heart attack in nursing home. A few of the wrestling blogs (quickly followed by idiots on Wikipedia) erroneously announced his death last night... his condition has since been upgraded to "alive".

Seriously though, "Killer" is a legend, especially around Boston... he has run a wrestling school in the area for years, and has trained some of the big names like Triple H, Perry Saturn and Chyna. And judging from the roller-coaster he's been put through the past few days, the fact that he's still drawing breath proves that he didn't just play a tough SOB in the ring, he *is* one. A former cow-orker of mine interviewed him not too long ago for a cable access show... even at 80 years old, cow-orker said he could have kicked every ass in the room.

Get well soon, Killer. RIP, Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.
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... I can't decide whether I'm amused or horrified that Wife Swap and Baby Borrowers are on opposite each other.


Jul. 19th, 2008 11:22 am
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... discovered through's blog: Panoramic picture of Yankees/Red Sox game on July 4

The picture was patched together from 124 hi-definition shots taken over 10 minutes in the first inning, but the cool part is that you can pan and zoom (and I mean ZOOM) throughout the whole thing. If you know someone who was at that game, you can probably find them in the picture.
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Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel break up

Sarah Silverman and Shania Twain are back on the market. What's a man to do? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

... in other celebrity news: Andy Dick arrested for allegedly groping a 17-year-old girl and possession of pot and Xanax.

Seriously, every time I hear Andy Dick's name, I wonder how he's still alive.
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Happy Canada Day!
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Celine Dion's cover of AC/DC song named "Worst Ever"

The first time I heard her "version" of "You Shook Me All Night Long", I had to get a beverage and take a sip, just so I could do a spit-take. I mean, just... no.

I'd share the video with y'all, but I like you all too much. So here, have Shania covering it instead. :)

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George Carlin, dead at 71.

Well, fuck. (Cunt, shit, piss, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.)
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... so 9 songs from Chinese Democracy have been leaked. They've already been pulled from that site, but they can be found (cough) if you look hard enough.

Reviewing on first listen:
G'n'R within )

So the final score: based on these nine songs, I'd buy it. If the last G'nR you heard was Appetite for Destruction, this is NOTHING like that... hell, Use Your Illusion was pretty far from Appetite, if only because Appetite was incredibly fucking raw.

I didn't listen hugely to the lyrics, to be honest. A few other reviewers have noted that some references are dated... um, duh? On further listens, who knows what I'll pick up... I reviewed this "live" so I'd be able to type my reactions right away.

Is this album worth a fifteen-year (and counting, until I have the CD in my grubby hands) wait? No... but name an album that would be. Masterpieces don't even take fifteen years.

Given the clusterfuck that G'n'R has been, I didn't know what to expect... what I get out of this is nothing that sucks, a few songs that I could leave, a few songs that rock and/or really rock, and one that blew me the fuck away. (And I didn't leave it until last on purpose, honest.)

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Didn't take me long to complete the set, did it?

Granted, it's going to take a while to scour THAT image out of my brain.

(That's power forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis, on the parade float, out of uniform. (Thankfully, he left his pants on.)
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Boston Celtics, 2008 NBA Champions.

Damn, this city got its sports mojo back after I moved here, didn't it? ;)
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Together? I'll pass.
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Tim Russert dead of heart attack at 58

One of my regrets about my (admittedly rarely used) journalism education is that I hadn't heard of Tim Russert until long after I'd graduated. ([ profile] rdcf is a bit of a political junkie, and introduced me to all things Russert.)

Because if I had heard of him back then, I can imagine I would have wanted to pattern myself after him. If you've ever watched him on TV, or read either of his books, you'd know that Tim Russert was one hell of a journalist, but he also enjoyed what he did. And by all indications, he was a hell of a guy.

Tim Russert, RIP.
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As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

Yeah, that's right, I RULE at being a husband 70+ years ago.

Suck it, other 1930's men!! ;)
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Super Pii Pii Brothers, a peeing-simulation game for the Wii.

probably NFSW image, clicky )

I think I'm speechless.

ETA: [ profile] viridescence reports that said device was an April Fool's gag. *hangs head in shame* what's next, am I going to walk right into a Rickroll?
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... just came back from the vet's.

Things learned:

  • Monkey, who we previously thought was a girl, is a boy.
  • Duck, who we previously thought was a boy, is a girl.
  • Duck is not a fan of car rides.
  • They're both healthy.
And now, lunch. :)
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... so Monkey has a new pastime: running around the bathtub. As in: she hops in the bathtub and you hear the quick pitter-patter of her paws running laps. A few laps, then she hops out.

This morning, after Roxanne and I had both showered, Monkey hops into the bathtub.

A few quick steps, and then what can only be described as a kitten yelling "what the fuck?".

Followed by Monkey hopping out of the tub, stopping, and shaking water off her fur. Taking a step, shaking more water out. And so forth. With the kitten version of "don't you DARE laugh at me" on her face.

So of course, we were ROTFL. Crazy kittens.
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You don't get the word "moot" in many song lyrics. I'm just saying.

ETA: And if I gave any of you a little unexpected squee! with Rick up there, you're welcome. ;)
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... did a very small friends-list purge, mostly long-dormant LJs, as well as a few where I've been "mutual" for a while, but don't ever recall any comments happening, and I'm not even sure who the person is.

(Though if you want me to re-friend your long-dormant LJ, let me know.) ;)

... and now, back to my rest period between errands and chores. Which consists of eating Twizzlers and watching kittens nap.
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Shania Twain divorcing husband/producer/co-writer "Mutt" Lange.

On one hand, I feel bad that her marriage is over after 15 years.

On the other hand: my other hand's making the "call me" motion.
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